Rachel Payne - Harpist 

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Rachel moved to Chattanooga in 2007 and has become one of Chattanooga's finest harpists.  She has continued to build her repertoire to suit many different styles for her clients' tastes.  She works with individuals to make her music set an enchanted, elegant ambiance for any special occasion.    

At age 12, Rachel began to tinker with the small 19-string Celtic harp that her grandfather had built for her several years prior.  She began taking private lessons in the summer of 1997, just after her grandfather passed away.  Her teacher, Faith Stenning encouraged her to participate in the various events with the Harp Grove Ensemble of Western Pennsylvania.  After just a couple of years, Rachel graduated to a larger Celtic harp made by Robert Cunningham from Atlanta, Georgia.

Rachel continued to take lessons to sharpen her skills and began to play for her family members' weddings or events at church. In the summer of 2000, she began to play professionally at weddings, funerals, banquets, open houses, and other special events. She also began teaching to students around the Pittsburgh area.  In 2007, Rachel moved to Chattanooga, TN and has continued her career as a harpist and a teacher.  Her youngest student started when she was 5 years old and the oldest didn't start until she was in her 80's!   


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